The Live Event For Women After Divorce

Helping you thrive after divorce and gain the courage to rise from the ashes and start over.  Feel excited about life again and bring your big dreams to reality. 

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Are you looking to supercharge your health, wealth and happiness goals before the end of the year?

Join us for Accountability August/ September/ October.

Do you find yourself wondering how you got to the end of another year and so little has changed by way of your peace of mind and being where you want to be?

Did you want to be in better health, get better sleep and have more energy? Did you think by now that you would have more money in the bank or be making plans to chill out a bit?  Or perhaps you wish there was less clutter at home, or that you had more time with family or someone to share memories and go places with.  If you are in business are you hustling but not progressing as fast as you want? Or perhaps you would like to work less for a boss and more for yourself?

Designed to help you thrive after divorce by stopping you from repeating patterns that are not serving you.

Accountability August is the pivot point of the year.  There is still more than a quarter of the year left – plenty of time to turn things around and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Join us in the private Facebook Group – a healing space, where I help you supercharge your consistent actions to keep you on track and perhaps help you find some ways to take a shortcut or two. 

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Can’t wait to see what you will do with the next few months.

All my best.


I also look forward to you joining the workshops live on Thursday evenings

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FREE 1 Hour Workshops
7pm (UK Time)
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Live on Zoom –
To Help Women
Thrive After Divorce


The Women After Divorce coaching programmes have been developed for single, mid-life, independent women, post-divorce.  Sign up for this event and get notified of all the forthcoming Women After Divorce events. It won’t matter that you’re dating/in a relationship, not yet at mid-life or still trying to find independence. Maybe you never even got married – Dip in wherever you are on your ‘uncoupled’ journey. Breaking up is hard to do and bringing your dreams to reality is better with cheerleaders.


There is no charge for the weekly Thrive live workshops.  It is not a sales webinar either.  The workshops have been tailored to help women rebuild their lives after divorce. To help you overcome emotional, financial and physical obstacles, meet with like-minded women, get your life back on track or find the confidence to try something completely new. 


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You will definitely get the most from the programme if you are able to tune in live, as you will get to join in and have your questions answered, plus feed off the vibe in the ‘room’, but don’t worry we know life gets busy and if you can’t attend live, you will receive a link to watch the replay and an invitation to join the discussion continuing in our private Facebook group. 

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Thrive for Women After Divorce

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