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As I scrolled through my Facebook feed, I came across a post to win a Boudoir White Sheet Shoot experience, worth £225. I remembered many years ago, a friend of mine had one done. She had gifted to her husband the gorgeous and rather large finished framed photo of her, draped suggestively across a chaise. It was her wedding anniversary present to him – the nearest thing she could find to paper to celebrate their first anniversary, and it hung on their bedroom wall above the bed.

I had no reason to have a boudoir session. I had no one to share the finished article with. It was a bit vain really, expecting that I would want to hang a photo of myself, boudoir style on a wall in my house. It too would have to be the bedroom wall, as most of my house guests are friends of my teenage son and I did not want to be referred to as a MILF.  So, the post was dismissed, and I continued my scrolling.

What is a White Sheet Shoot?

If you have read any of my blogs, you will know that I do try and keep an open mind with regards to being really clear about what I want, and trusting that somehow an opportunity will present itself if it’s the right thing for me. Call it the power of the Universe, call it fairy magic, call it God’s will or call it a written down goal. This, I now believe, was one of those moments. My subconscious had set to work on the idea of a professional photo to fulfil my bucket list, and the Universe had for some inexplicable reason sent to me the opportunity of a boudoir photo. 

Now let me just say, when I wrote ‘professional photoshoot’ on my bucket list – it was for business purposes. So here it was. A white sheet shoot – photos based on Marilyn Monroe’s seemingly naked body wrapped in a white bed sheet. The next time the Facebook post came around, I clicked on it and submitted my details, with no expectations – I am no model. 

I didn’t have long to wait before I received an email to say that I had been selected for one of the free professional photoshoots. It was to be a White Sheet Shoot on the proviso that should any of the photos qualify, they could be entered as the photographer’s portfolio entry in a national photographic competition. Phase one completed – a tick would appear on my bucket list to fulfil the professional photoshoot.  And I was feeling rather special to have been selected.

Dorset Phoenix White Sheet Photoshoot by John Moors JBM Photography

How to prepare for a boudoir photoshoot

I decided to time the shoot for my birthday week so that it would be a lovely treat to look forward to. Further emails followed from John from JBM Photography, as he introduced himself and his trade, and gave me instructions of what I needed to do to prepare for the shoot. The suggestions ranged from staying out of the sun to avoid strap marks, to moisturising hands and feet. Then there was guidance about the type of clothing to consider and encouragement to think about what type of photos I was expecting to achieve.  Perhaps do some research and see what poses I liked.

Again, my little sub-conscious got to work, and an idea sparked. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have some photos that I could use to add empowering quotes to for my Women After Divorce blog?  And so the stage was set. 

I purchased a shrug from ebay £12, some pearls and pearl earrings, also from ebay £4 and an off-white bra and panties set from Marks and Spencer £30 – with some of the birthday money that my Dad had given me. I already possessed some high sparkly heals that I had bought for a ball the previous year. 

As I followed John’s guidance in the weeks that preceded the photoshoot, something quite magical began to happen. I found myself, drinking more water, eating more healthily, getting more sleep, moisturising – doing these things just for me. I wanted to look my best. I visited the hairdresser to have my hair coloured in preparation. I gave myself a pedicure, a manicure and added some nail extensions – Here I was preening and waxing and generally pampering myself. I Hadn’t even got to the photoshoot yet, and I was already beginning to feel great!

How a boudoir photo session improves your physical and mental health

To some women, this pampering may seem normal, but to most of us, we are so busy taking care of everyone else, these daily rituals of self-care quite often get de-prioritised. The doctor had already chided me as high blood pressure was making an appearance. I was almost two stone overweight and had recently had to contend with broken girl parts, which had meant that my mental health and self-confidence had taken a bit of a knock. It is remarkable how just getting more sleep, drinking more water and having a candlelit bath can top up the self-love cup. It is also interesting that a stranger can have such a profound effect on one’s habits.

As far as research on what I wanted went, I downloaded a few images of women in various covered but sexy poses and picked a few choice quotes. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I felt a little awkward having them in a file on the desktop of my PC and having to email them to a man I had never met and say, “Please consider my inspiration to come from these photos of scantily clad women.” But John was an absolute professional and took on board what I wanted to achieve. As it turns out, we both have a keen interest in playing with light and shade in photos, so I could not have asked for a better match in a photographer.

White Sheet Shoot Xperience with JBM Photography

A boudoir photo session will push you to get out of your comfort zone and be courageous

With only a few days to go, I could feel a mixture of excitement and apprehension. Excitement as this was the first time I was going to have my hair and makeup done by a professional stylist, and apprehension as I had no idea what to expect by way of what I was going to need to do to achieve the boudoir style of photos. 

There was a little voice in my head, a part of me that did not want to go through with it. The very idea suddenly seemed preposterous. Who did I think I was? I wasn’t a glamour model. I was an overweight middle-aged woman who was kidding herself that this was a good idea. No one had made me do it – it all seemed egotistical and completely ridiculous now, and I was beginning to regret ever having filled in the entry form.

That’s the thing about bucket lists though – they are things you want to do but don’t ever think you will, so when it comes to doing something outside your comfort zone, you must find some courage. All the women I have ever met, bar none, are all stronger than they realise. I was doing this to inspire them. To inspire you. I was not going to back out.

To help me set my expectations, I Googled some top tips regarding how to pose. For example, where to put your hands, so they weren’t in the way. To be honest, if you choose John as your photographer, you won’t need to worry – he is with you giving encouragement and gentle instruction every step of the way.

A professional boudoir photoshoot will rocket your self-confidence

JBM Photography Studio Poole Dorset

From the minute I stepped into John’s workspace, I was treated like a celebrity. He made me coffee, we had a relaxed conversation about my expectations and discussed the outfits and props. He helped me get familiar with the lighting and camera set up and then it was time for him to ready the studio, and for me to have a make-over by a professional. 

Lucie was my stylist and she set to work. Listening and chatting to her relaxed me as she did my hair and makeup in the classic Marilyn Monroe era styling. When I eventually saw myself in the mirror, I almost didn’t recognise myself!

Throughout the entire photo shoot, Lucie was my chaperone. She helped me into and out of outfits and ensured that I looked my best before each shot.  John was very patient and gave direction about where to look, where to place hands and how to position my body to achieve the most flattering posture or the look we were striving for. 

I never once felt awkward or embarrassed. To my surprise, I was enjoying the whole experience. Having a White Sheet Shoot made me feel wonderful. I wasn’t conscious of my body being anything other than glamorous. I had gone from a middle-aged woman who had just turned fifty-two, to a diva!

When I left the studio, I was feeling on top of the world! I had planned a night out dancing with friends, and they all commented on how amazing I looked. I would recommend planning an evening out after your photoshoot, to take advantage of being all glammed up!  Manicure, pedicure, new underwear, hair and makeup done – What more does a girl need to have fun?

Going to view your boudoir photos

Again, I was both apprehensive and excited about going back to the studio to see the result of the photoshoot. I knew I was going to have to choose which photo would be my complimentary desk photo and thought it likely to be a tough choice and decided that I should get a second opinion. So, I took a trusted friend with me and he sat with me as we viewed my sexy images, larger than life, on the wall of the studio. John had removed the photos where I had blinked or moved or for whatever reason were not flattering, and so had already short-listed the best. It was difficult to comprehend that those photos were me!  That sexy lady is not the one I had been seeing in the mirror of late. 

The White Sheet Shoot completely changed the way I see myself. I cannot tell you how much this experience and the finished photos will change your life.  Each time I left that studio my self-esteem was brimming over, and I was floating on air for weeks and weeks after. I don’t look at myself as that frumpy mid-life woman with a muffin top and crows’ feet anymore. No. I have that boudoir photo on the dresser in my bedroom to remind myself every single day that I am a sexy, sassy, confident woman.  And yes, I do share my photos and experience with you, because I want you too to feel empowered and to pass it on to all the other women that might need it. 

Having a boudoir photo session is like a love bomb to yourself. You might have a milestone birthday coming up, be recovering after an illness or reconstruction, have a changing body, be pregnant, have lost weight, be getting married, divorced, or just want a fresh start or a bit of a confidence boost. Whatever the reason for having a boudoir photo shoot, you deserve it and I can guarantee you it will change the way you see yourself and it will change your life.

All my best.

aka The Dorset Phoenix

PS:  See below for a fantastic opportunity to have a White Sheet Shoot for FREE, with John.

Tina Lancaster Women after Divorce Dorset Phoenix


Wow!! When I contacted John to let him know that I was writing about my White Sheet Shoot Xperience, he was blown away when he read about the effect he had on my life by taking my photo. So he has very generously offered to give away 20 White Sheet Shoot portrait sessions including a 7″ desk frame, to Women After Divorce readers! Worth £225.

No catch.  This is a wonderful gift to entertain your inner Diva and take another step towards thriving after divorce.


You can see more of John’s work on his website:
Or contact him direct:  JBM Photography, 162 Wimborne Rd,  Poole, Dorset, BH15 2EJ
Tel – 01202 937391  07976 154056  or Email –

As you know, I sometimes earn an affiliate commission from some things that I recommend on this website.  This opportunity is not paying any commission or referral fees – John is a family man and JBM Photography is his passion project. The White Sheet Shoot has given me new confidence and I want the same for you.

My FREE gift to you


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